Anna Wille 

BA Hons, MA HRM, MBCT Level 1

Qualified Mindfulness teacher since 2015, Anna has taught over 3600 children and adults in schools across SW London and in Virgin Active Wandsworth. She is now dedicated to combating suicide in further education, where a student takes their life every 3 days.

Recognised as an expert in Mindfulness in education, Anna has presented at various conferences, including the Mindful Living Show and the Wandsworth Joint Professional Days for primary and secondary schools, on topics including;

·         The teen brain, emotional intelligence and Mindfulness

·         Happy families through Mindfulness for parents

·         The importance of Mental Health education for teachers and pupils in schools.

Starting off as a 5* hotel reservationist, Anna soon discovered a desire to help others be their best and moved to a varied and exciting career in Learning and Development, working with some of the world’s best Hotel Chains, Consultancies, Wholesale Banks and Retailers, including Inter.Continental Hotels, Arthur Andersen, Rabo Bank and Selfridges, in roles across Europe and South America.

Despite this success, Anna felt a calling to a stronger purpose – “I realised I didn’t want to work in a place where the dress code was a LBD nor where the goal was to have a Ferrari by 23” – so in her early 40’s she retrained as a Primary School teacher. At the same time as her new passion was evolving, her personal life faced challenges as a single mother of three children, due to the end of her twenty-year marriage, bringing on a brief period of depression. However, determined to rise, Anna soon discovered Mindfulness, with Tessa Watt, of the Mindfulness Initiative. Amazed by its effect on her wellbeing, she set off on a mission to address the urgent need for coping strategies for the young. Anna immediately trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) to teach children aged 7 to 18, and became a local voice for the national conversation around Mental Health education in schools – “it took me 25 years to find my purpose but was worth it” - as was proven when Findel LDA, leading special education needs publishers, invited her to create ‘Mindfulness Shuffle – 50 mindfulness based activities’ which help teachers and parents develop emotional intelligence in children.

Anna didn’t stop there; a strong desire to bring Mindfulness to as many as possible, led her to train to teach the world renowned Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8 week programme for adults with Dr Patrizia Collard, lecturer in psychotherapy at the University of East London, to help people prevent and manage stress and depression. Finally, she leveraged her business experience at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, completing the ‘Mindfulness for the Workplace’ series, positioning her to help organisations develop resilience, cooperation and adaptability in their workforces through Mindfulness strategies.

The rapid turnaround of her situation, from depressed to driven, bringing life-changing Mindfulness skills to almost 4000 children and adults in just 4 years, compelled Anna to capture her journey to happiness on paper, and last year she completed her first book - “How to be your own Saving Grace: how to use Mindfulness to help you learn to Love yourself, Live in the moment and Lead the life you desire”. It is an inspiration to people at a low point in their lives, encouraging them to get to know themselves and their traumas and embrace challenges, so they can thrive in a life they never planned … in their Plan B.

Having re-designed her life after re-finding her breath, Anna is passionate about helping others to find theirs, so that they can live a life of happiness, joy and peace. She champions Mental Health education at all levels in order to save lives and offers 1:1 Mindfulness-based life coaching. As a true believer in the healing power of the sea, Anna holds retreats in Cornwall, Portugal and Zanzibar, using mindful meditation and coaching tools to re-energise people to pursue the life their heart truly desires – to love, live and lead the life they deserve.