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Mindful Leadership and Organisational Wellbeing

The leaders Anna works with benefit personally and in their careers, as they increase their resilience, adaptability and collaboration skills, to deal with complex situations and lead organisations better.

The teams Anna works with benefit, as Employees learn to work better together, as well as deal more effectively with their own personal stress levels. 


          Mindfulness for Primary,Teenagers & Parents

             The benefits of these two curricula, developed by the MiSP, are                      visible in children aged 4-18 from day one. Anna's teaching enables                the children to gain stress management and happiness skills for life.               Parents who attend the workshops also benefit by developing their own Mindfulness as well as supporting their children on their journey.


Adults who participate on Anna's open MBCT courses benefit in a variety of ways; they learn to strive less and enjoy life more, they learn to let go of unhelpful habits, and they learn to be self-compassionate. One participant said "it has ingnited a light in me, a desire to change and grow my positive pathways". 

1:1 Life Coaching

Anna's coaching clients benefit from a unique programme, which taps into their true values and needs, and offers personal support as they work towards achieving their life goals to fulfill career, health, relationship and growth aspirations.