Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching

Anna has developed a unique Life Coaching programme, that is Mindfulness-Based and Intuition-Led.

With tailored packages starting from 1 month, clients will be supported as they chose and put together the pieces of their aspirations.



Reconnect ... Explore

1. Reconnect and reground; find a state where they can work from a place of self-love, not judgement, fear, sadness or worry. Know and plan how to stay in that state.

2. Become aware of their values/needs, look at whether they are spending their time on getting them long-term and recognise what drives them as they work towards them.


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Identify ... visualise

3. Identify any blocks that are the cause of lack of drive or preventing a change in focus.

4. Paint a picture of where they would like to be, what they would live to do, who they would like to be with.



Plan ... review

5. With personal strengths and challenges in mind, set specific goals, tactics and actions to work towards, and plan for consistency.

6. Agree how they want to check/measure progress and continue to grow.

To discuss how this programme could help you achieve your dreams, email Anna on willeanna@hotmail.com.