Mindful Leadership

Recent studies show that today's employees need a different kind of Leadership. Their lack of self-esteem, resilience, stress management skills and patience and their desire for instant gratification, require new a new skills set in today's Leaders, namely greater resilience, adaptability and co-operation.

Mindfulness teachers leaders to pay full attention to matters at hand, i.e. be more aware of their teams' needs, without ruminating about past issues or worrying about future challenges, without judging themselves or others. Using various techniques and meta-cognition, it works on the basis of 7 approaches to life and work, proven to be highly effective over the last 40 years.

These are:

-          Non-striving; knowing when not to insist that things go how we want, when we want

-          Non-judging; resisting the urge to make assumptions or criticize

-          Patience; giving things time to unfold and resolve themselves

-          Trust; having the confidence and faith that situations will be resolved

-          Beginner’s mind; going into situations with newness and curiosity

-          Acceptance; allowing certain situations to just be without aversion

-          Letting go; releasing attachment to unhelpful thoughts and habits.

 In summary, it enables leaders to work and lead from a place of empathy, rather than self-interest and fear of failure. Over 8 two-hr sessions, leaders learn how to; be aware of their auto-pilot habits, know when they are over-thinking, focus on the here and now, sit with difficulty, allow things to be, recognize thoughts aren’t facts, take care of their minds, maintain and extend what they have learnt ... with as little as 10 daily minutes practice!

The programme will also help leaders avoid or manage their own stress and anxiety and concentrate better at work. These attitudes enable leaders to build essential skills for effective leadership in the 21st Century, giving them the competitive edge as they develop resilience, collaboration and the ability to lead in complexity (as shown in the Hult model above). 

Anna's extensive experience in her previous corporate positions at Senior Management level, working with Directors and Partners, has given her first-hand experience of the challenges of working in complex business situations. This experience enables her to understand the pressures that leaders and employers face, and puts her in the perfect place to deliver this programme 1;1 or in small groups of up to 12 at their work place.

Contact Anna on willeanna@hotmail.com for rates for in-house 1:1 or group programmes for Leaders and Teams.