paws.b - Mindfulness for Children in KS2

‘Paws b’ is a 6 hour curriculum for children aged 7 -11 and is offered formally as a series of PSHE lessons, and informally through integrating the learning and practice of mindfulness in all National Curriculum subjects and in the children’s everyday lives.

During the 6 hours the children learn about:

  • Our amazing brain
  • How to train your brain
  • What makes wobble and how to find a steady place
  • How to deal with difficult situations
  • The power of our thoughts - our story-telling mind
  • How to nurture their happiness.

They will explore how specific areas of the brain affect our ability to focus, make good choices, recognise when we need to steady ourselves when our body or mind is busy or out of balance.

They will also look at ways that mindfulness can support them in many day-to-day activities, including concentration and memorybehavioural self- management, and in relationships with family and friends.

In just 6 lessons children learn ways to respond rather than react – and therefore make better choices.

The feedback from children who have taken part in Paws b is very positive. They report enjoying the lessons and find the learning supports them in a broad range of situations, from being able to concentrate and focus more easily in school, to helping them feel calmer in exams and competitions. Many have described sharing the learning with other family members and finding it helps them with their relationships with family and friends.

Contact Anna on for rates for in-school programmes which start at £750 per 6 or 12 sesssions for a class of 30, with possible discounts for multiple years depending on distance. 

Paws.b can also be run on school sites as an after school club paid by parents at £120.