Mindfulness Shuffle Activity Cards

Anna was approached by LDA Education Resources to develop a resource to help children develop their Emotional Literacy / Intelligence.


7 Pillars of Mindfulness

The 50 easy-to-follow activities help children adopt the founding attitudes of mindfulness:

- non-judging

- non-striving

- patience

- beginner's mind

- trust

- acceptance

- letting go


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A fun way for teachers and parents to teach kids how to just be!

Today's world of the internet, social media and general over-stimulation, means that most children spend too much time thinking, analysing, comapring and judging ... and not enough time just being: living each moment with awareness and sensing each experience.

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£15.59 plus postage (with £1 donated to Mind mental health charity)

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6 Key areas of Emotional Literacy

The activities help children develop 6 key areas of emotional intelligence, that will help them fulfill their academic and happiness potential:

- self-awareness

- self-regulation

- motivation

- empathy

- social skills

- self-esteem and self worth