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Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy are 8 week programmes designed to aid stress management and prevent depression.

Participants (up to 12) meet for 2 hours each week, with daily practice of up to 40 minutes in between, and develop greater awareness and presence, so that they can:

- identify and reduce living on auto-pilot

- stop living in their heads and judging themselves

- learn how to gather their scattered mind

- recognise difficulty and low mood or depression

- learn to allow things to be and to let go or becomes less attached

- recognise thoughts aren't facts, and how to respond not react

- take care of themselves with activities of pleasure and mastery

- plan how to maintain their practice for a low-stress, depression-free life.

See course dates or contact Anna on willeanna@hotmail.com for dates for more morning, evening and weekend courses £295pp.